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1. Report Incident

A simple way to log details (Pictures, Texts, and GPS) about workplace problems or to report an accident at a work site using a smartphone or tablet.

It starts here

  • Log details about any problems that block you from proceeding your task.

2. Ticket Created

When an incident reported, Reslink automatically creates a ticket. With tickets, you can organize all of your customer inquiries in one place and track them over time.

Monitor the inquiries

  • Be more efficient by assigning tasks to the right person and follow the process.

3. Prioritize

The reporter can arrange the tickets in order of importance relative to each other, and the administration can change the order according to their priorities.

Solve the critical issues faster

  • Be compliance with your SLA and Focus on what’s important

4. Track

View and manage your incident ticket status in one place.

One view to see it all

  • It’s essential to follow up on what’s happening in the work field

5. Resolution

Provides information on how and when the incident resolved. When the incident resolves, the reporter/responsible can review the resolution to approve/disapprove it.

It’s all documented

  • Prove your work and move forward

6. Close

Closed incidents remain in the system for reference purposes.

Ensure the quality of the service

  • Communication with the customer/reporter is essential to ensure the quality of the service.

  • Closing a ticket requires approval for the completion of the task.

7. Invoice

Depends on the contract, the ticket can be invoiced. Reslink’s Platform can integrate with other accounting systems via API.

SLA Compliance

  • Invoice/report your work and be compliant with your SLA


Customer satisfaction is our priority and an essential part of our planning.
Work, maintain, monitor, and document more efficiently with ReslinkEye.

Identify the

By identifying a problem, you can start the process of evaluating the options.


Evaluating the options provides you enough information to make a well-informed decision.

Schedule and delegate issues

The identified problem requires a specialist to solve it.

Monitoring &

Monitor and track the issues based on their priority and status.


User-friendly graphical views of the tickets statuses based on time and date.


Provides the information about how and when the incident resolved.

Ticket Creation

To create a ticket, one can use the mobile client or the admin-panel page.

Mobile (Front-end) ticket creation

The easiest way to report a work-related problem. Describe the incident, take a picture, select the priority, and send it to the support desk.

Mobile Features
  • With ReslinkEye mobile, documentation is the first step.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. The image highlighting shortens the description.

Admin-panel ticket creation

Sophisticated, yet easy to use admin-panel to create and manage all of your inquiries.

Admin-Panel Features
  • You can access our enterprise-level application builder to modify and deploy the changes on the fly.

  • Dashboard widgets are simplifying what’s happening in the field and spot bottlenecks and problems.

How does it work?

IncdiendEye provides Well-defined and practical steps to complete the job.


of transactions managed


of exceptions managed


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