Reslink Eye Admin-Panel

Solving a problem is simple

Problem-solving is the essence of ReslinkEye. Simply Report, manage and solve any problem

Incident Statuses





Very low


Simulating strategic data in a graphical form, and visualize the key performance indicator for your organization at a glance.

  • View KPIs and other critical data without delving into the semantics of the source system.

  • Your Dashboards can be broken down to strategic, analytical, operational or informational.

Ticket Status and Content

Incoming support requests can be evaluated and assigned to the right person.

  • Everything one needs to know about the progress of the tickets.

Ticket Management

The ticket management ensures the efficiency of your operation by centralizing the communication and the information flow.

  • Drag and drop to the calendar view.

Automated Notification

By assigning/modifying a ticket, a notification will be triggered to inform the assignee about the new task and the relevant information e.g. change of priority.

  • Observation is the key, and the incident or ticket creator must be up to date about the status.

  • Automated notifications configured ready for the platform ‚Äčto notify the change of priority, etc.

Predefined Information

Predefined information will help to accelerate the data access through mobile and admin-panel.

  • Focus on your work and save time by avoiding creating redundant information.

Scalable Solution

Scalability is a key element of our platform. You can scale the Reslink Eye platform to cover more of your needs in different segments or to connect with different systems.

  • Think the next level.